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  In today's increasingly complex world of Internet networking, outsourcing the management and monitoring of your mission critical web applications and sites has never been more attractive. Keeping pace with technology, maintaining technical resources and supporting a scalable environment that will grow with you are just some of the challenges faced by the North American business market.

  Based in Toronto Ontario, Extreme Hosting strives to meet these requirements by providing a stable, secure, natural disaster free server environment built on one of Canada's largest and most redundant network available. Since 1997, we have provided custom web services and hosting solutions to some of the largest and more successful companies in North America, providing peace of mind with redundant power grids, multiple on-site security personnel, twenty-five fiber optic cable entrances into the building and for maximum redundancy multiple links to the Internet including Peer1, NAC(Network Access Corp), Torix as well as over 30 private peers for no single point of failure.